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It often seems that many prominent people of the past are wronged by often-repeated descriptions, which in time are taken as truth. The same is also true of events, which are frequently presented in a particular way when there might be many alternative viewpoints. This blog is intended to present a different perspective on those who have often been lost in the myths of history.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Tea at Trianon Forum

I would like to draw the attention of our kind readers to the lovely Tea at Trianon Forum, recently started by Elena Maria Vidal, where we can continue our discussions of those lost in the myths of history. If you have not already visited the forum, please do so!


elena maria vidal said...

Well, thank you, Matterhorn, that is very kind!

Matterhorn said...

My pleasure!

Christina said...

Thank you, Matterhorn, for pointing this out :-) I'm looking forward to seeing what is happening there!

Val said...

Thank you for the information, Matterhorn :-)