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It often seems that many prominent people of the past are wronged by often-repeated descriptions, which in time are taken as truth. The same is also true of events, which are frequently presented in a particular way when there might be many alternative viewpoints. This blog is intended to present a different perspective on those who have often been lost in the myths of history.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Some Very Happy News!

This isn’t lost in the myths of history, but on behalf of the bloggers here, congratulations
 to one of our contributors, Val, on the birth of her little girl, Alexandra!

It’s lovely to post some happy news and all good wishes go to Val and Jasen, and to Alexandra’s ‘big’ brother, Nicholas! (How lovely to have a Nicholas & Alexandra in one family!)


May said...

Lovely news!! Best wishes!!

Val said...

Thank you Christina, and Matterhorn for your kind wishes! Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated :-)