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It often seems that many prominent people of the past are wronged by often-repeated descriptions, which in time are taken as truth. The same is also true of events, which are frequently presented in a particular way when there might be many alternative viewpoints. This blog is intended to present a different perspective on those who have often been lost in the myths of history.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Notice about the Blog Layout

Thanks to a very kind person called 'Bonjour Tristesse' at the Google Help 'forum', who looked at the blog and detected the problem with the layout (and why things kept disappearing), I think the issue is resolved and, if no one objects, I will reorganise the site with the books list and links list etc. later today (or when there is time). If any contributor wants to add any other list or anything, please feel free to do so.


May said...

I'm glad you got it figured out! I hope there are no more of these problems.

Christina said...

Thank you, Matterhorn - I hope so, too!